2000 Montreal International Mosaicultures revisited

MIM 2000 Accueil sur le site

The first edition of Mosaïcultures Internationales exhibition (MIM) was held in Montreal during the summer of 2000, with the theme of “The Planet is a Mosaic.” . More than 30 cities and organizations from 14 countries participated at this biggest horticultural exhibition and competition.

Over a hundred floral works had been created.  More than 730 000 visitors originated from Quebec, Canada and others countries, had seen them during the 110 days of this world biggest floral exhibition.  In total, three million plants were required and 68 horticulturists and gardeners had assured their watering and maintenance.

Quebec Tourism Grand prize 

An initiative of Montreal’s municipal parks, gardens and green spaces the event was first held at the Écluses au Vieux-Port de Montréal park.

The event was an unprecedented success that surpassed all expectations. It also earned the Grand Prix du Tourisme (Gold Medal) from the Quebec Government for the year 2000.

MIM 2000 Vue avec Mtl

The strength of the Mosaïcultures Internationales™ concept exists in the way the theme is integrated, as well as the setting of the competition site and the designs of the exhibits. As well, the exhibits are presented in such a way as to create the effect of a whole while at the same time giving added value to each in relation to the others.

It is such that in 2000, it was the image of the Port that was selected for the global layout of the site: the Port as a trade location, where the best or essential, arrives or leaves. This fact and the image of the Port, the realities of the history of the Old Port of Montréal and the symbols that were brought there were used as a backdrop to highlight the “The Planet is a Mosaic” theme.

MIM 2000 Vue aérienne

The setting also made use of a transitory reality which characterizes our era. That is why, rather than trying to transform the area into something else altogether, Mosaïcultures Internationales™ added an ephemeral quality, turning it into a Port of imagination, a Port of the year 2000.

In this unique environment, the sites were designed to enhance the exhibits, while enlivening this Port where treasures were displayed to showcase the cultural richness of the planet, through mosaiculture.

Grand Prize Winners of MIM2000

It is important to emphasize that the host city cannot participate in the contest. However, it may be eligible for the People’s Choice Award, which recognizes the exhibit most appreciated by the visitors who vote on site.

Grand Honorary Award (2D & 3D): Two Dragons Playing With a Pearl. Shanghai, China

MIM 2000 Shanghai Chine

Honorary Award (2D): Parterre. Paris, France

MIM Parterre Paris France

Honorary Award (3D): A Legendary Past and an Exciting Future! Boston, United States

MIM 2000 Boston USA

Excellence Award (2D) :

Gold Medal: The Floral Clock. Geneva, Switzerland

MIM 2000 Horloge florale Genève Suisse

Silver Medal: The Canute’s Workshop. Lyon, France

Atelier de canuts - Lyon France - MIM 2000

Bronze Medal: Tied:

Grouping of Coats-of-Arms and Emblems:Valence, Bourg-en-Bresse, Région Rhône-Alpes et Floralies de Nantes, France, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. The Valance Team, France

Combination of the City Coats-of-Arms and the 2006 Winter Olympic Games Emblem. Turin, Italy

Excellence Award (3D):

Gold Medal: Blast Off to Imagination Land! Province of Hainaut, Belgium

MIM 2000 Cap sur l'imaginaire

Silver Medal: Valparaíso, Our Garden the Sea! Valparaíso, Chile

Valparaiso Chili MIM 2000

Bronze Medal: The Friendship Ambassador. District of Daoli, Harbin, China

MIM 2000 Panda Ambassadeur de l'amitié

People’s Choice Award : The Dragon and the Phoenix Spread Joy! Harbin, China

Dragon et phénix Harbin Chine MIM 2000

Some other beautiful works of MIM 2000 : 

The Welcoming Turtle, Assembly of First Nations, Canada

Tortue accueillante MIM 2000

 Mallards Taking off! Quebec, Canada

Envol des colverts MIM 2000

 Totem, Assembly of First Nations, Canada


Text source : International Mosaicultures Commitee 

International Mosaicultures Commitee