A look back at Mosaïcultures internationales de Montréal 2000

MIM 2000 Accueil sur le site

The very first edition of Mosaïcultures Internationales (MIM2000) took place in Montréal in the summer of 2000 under the theme, “The Planet is a Mosaic.” Over 30 cities and organizations from 14 countries created the hundred or so works of floral art that were admired by close to 730,000 visitors during the exhibition’s 110-day run.

In total, the event involved some three million plants along with the talents of 68 horticulturalists and gardeners, who watered and maintained the works.

Grand Prix du Tourisme du Québec

Initiated by the City of Montréal’s parks and gardens department, this first event was staged at the Parc des Écluses in the Old Port of Montréal.

An unprecedented success that surpassed all expectations, it garnered the Québec government’s Grand Prix du Tourisme (gold medal) for the year 2000.

MIM 2000 Vue avec Mtl

As a concept, MIM2000’s strength lay not just in how well the theme was expressed through the works, but also how it integrated with the site layout. The works were presented with a view to creating an overall effect and positioned to complement each other.

The site design was informed by the notion of the port: as a place of exchange, as the point of entry and exit for the country’s best and most important. This reality and the images it conjures of a port — a notion well in keeping with the history of the Old Port of Montréal — formed the symbolic backdrop for the theme “The Planet is a Mosaic.”

MIM 2000 Vue aérienne

The layout also nodded to the ephemerality of our times. Far from wanting to change the layout of a site already complete as it was, the organizers of MIM2000 sought rather to impose an ephemeral reality — a “port of the imagination,” a port for the year 2000.

In this unique setting, the works of mosaiculture were laid out and presented to their best advantage, symbolizing the planet’s incredible cultural wealth as they injected the port with a rare vitality.

Award-winners of MIM2000

While the host city cannot take part in the competition, any work it produces is nonetheless eligible for the People’s Choice Award: a prize decided through popular vote as visitors nominate their favourite work before leaving the site.

Grand Honorary Jury Award (2D & 3D): Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl. Shanghai, China

MIM 2000 Shanghai Chine

Honorary Award (2D): Parterre. Paris, France

MIM Parterre Paris France

Honorary Award (3D): A Legendary Past and an Exciting Future. Boston, U.S.A.

MIM 2000 Boston USA

Excellence Award (2D):
Gold medal: The Floral Clock. Geneva, Switzerland

MIM 2000 Horloge florale Genève Suisse


Silver medal: The Canute’s Workshop. Lyon, France

Atelier de canuts - Lyon France - MIM 2000

Bronze medal (tie):
Groupings of coats-of-arms and emblems: Valence, Bourg-en-Bresse, Région Rhône-Alpes et Floralies de Nantes, France, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. The Valence Team, France.

Combination of municipal coat-of-arms and the 2006 winter Olympics emblem: Turin, Italy

Excellence Award (3D):
Gold medal: Blast-off to Imagination Land! Province of Hainaut, Belgium
MIM 2000 Cap sur l'imaginaire


Silver medal: Our Garden, the Sea. Valparaiso, Chile
Valparaiso Chili MIM 2000


Bronze medal: The Friendship Ambassador. District of Daoli, Harbin, China
MIM 2000 Panda Ambassadeur de l'amitié


People’s Choice Award: The Dragon and the Phoenix Spread Joy! Harbin, China
Dragon et phénix Harbin Chine MIM 2000


A few more noteworthy works from MIM2000

The Friendly Turtle, Assembly of First Nations, Canada
Tortue accueillante MIM 2000


L’envol des colverts, Québec Canada
Envol des colverts MIM 2000


The Totem Pole, Assembly of First Nations, Canada


Source: International Mosaiculture Committee
Comité international des Mosaicultures