A look back to Mosaiculture International Shanghai 2006

Fountain of life, Shanghai, China

Fountain of life, Shanghai, China

Mosaiculture International Shanghai 2006 took place in the “Chinese Dragon Head”, as it is called by its inhabitants. The city of Shanghai was the next to host the event, after Montréal, its sister city, to the delight of almost one million visitors.

From September 15 to November 30, visitors admired more than 80 mosaiculture exhibits, each one as gigantic and spectacular as the next, with the theme “The Earth, Our Village.” Some 82 teams from 15 countries competed, using creativity and skill to present works reflecting their culture through three sub-themes:

“Illustration of the architecture of the city the participant comes from!”
“Illustration of the animals of the region the participant comes from!”
“Illustration of the arts of the city the participant comes from!”
The site of “Century Park” could not have been a more appropriate choice for the event. Its welcoming infrastructure and its exceptional natural setting were ideal for presenting the exhibits for an enchanting visit that lasted from two to three hours.

Grand Prize Winners of MIS2006

The host city cannot participate in the contests. However, it may be eligible for the People’s Choice Award, which recognizes the work most appreciated by the visitors who vote on site.

Because of the great number of participating Chinese cities, the contest was broken into 3 divisions: international, national and Shanghai.

Grand Honorary Award : 


Montreal at stage, 
Canada and the government of Québec, Canada
(Work created by Mosaiculture International of Montréal) 

The Flood-Guardian Turtle at the Taihu Lake, Wuxi, China


Honorary Award : 

Rodeo : Cowboy style, Redding, USA


Rodeo and Cowboys 2, Redding, États-unis

Customs of  Xiguan. Guangzhou, China

The Notre-Dame de la Garde Cathedral, Marseille, France

La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille, France
Streets of flowers and Greenery, Hamamatsu, Japan


 Excellence Award (Gold Medal)

The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

Towards the Olympics 2008, Beijing, China

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

People’s Choice Award:

Montreal at stage, 
Canada and the government of Québec, Canada 
(Work created by Mosaiculture International of Montréal) 


 A few more noteworthy works from China at the MIS 2006

Facial make-up of the Peking Opera, Changning district, China


Strive for the best, Hong Kong, China

Visez le meilleur, Hong Kong, Chine

Romance of the millenium, Hangzhou, China

Romance du millénaire, Hangzhou, Chine

A beautifull Coastal City, Dalian, China

Une belle ville côtière, Dalian, Chine

Clip Youtube – MIS 2006 Wrap-up

What an amazing experience!


Source: International Mosaiculture Committee

Comité international des Mosaicultures