A True Story!

PRODUCED BY: City of Shanghai, China

The story took place in China in the late 1980s. Xu Xiu Juan, a girl born in a city in northern China, had loved red crown cranes since her earliest childhood. After graduating from university, she travelled very far, to Yangcheng Nature Reserve, to care for these cranes. But one day, when she tried to save an injured crane, she slipped into a swamp. The crane was saved but the girl never came up again to the surface.

The moving story of this girl, told far and wide across the breadth of China, has touched the hearts of thousands of people. To pay tribute to the wonderful spirit of the girl who saved the crane but lost her own life, a song has been composed to tell this story. The song’s title is… A True Story.

Red crown cranes are gregarious animals that live in flocks. Early each spring, before the nesting season, they engage in a very unique ballet, a mating dance in which the potential partners combine jumps, bows, greetings and flapping of wings with other carefully calculated movements. A must-see!

Who would have thought?

The red crown crane (Grus japonensis) is an endangered species and, contrary to what its latin name implies, is not found solely in Japan. This stunningly graceful bird with a bright red crown overwinters in China and Korea, and is also found in Siberia and on Hokkaido Island, at the northern end of the Japanese archipelago.

A production of Shanghai – China
MIM2013 – Photo of Guy Boily

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