Cultural days of Turkey from July 22nd till August 4th


An exhibition of photos of the artist Sirma Saltik and the sculptures of Ozgen Eryasa, tourist presentations on Gaziantep and works of art of the painter Pelin Yazar Canez.

July 27th and August 3rd places in the dance with these various representations:

  • TEKE: the dance originated from the village carrying the same name. It is a dance of the city of Denizli which is located west of Turkey in the Aegean region. This dance reflects the movement of goats and the love story between the poor shepherd and daughter of the village chief.
  • EDIRNE: the folk dance from the city of Edirne reflects the essence of the neighboring Balkan countries and is danced during weddings, portraying happiness and flirt passages between a man and a woman with a rhythmic pattern of 9/8 unique to this region, which is also popular among Balkan Turks and Gypsies.
  • Women dance of the Aegean region: traditional dance of the women within the Aegean region, mostly performed at weddings or other celebrations amongst women. This dance represents the happiness and reflects some daily habits of women in this region, for example the harvest season in the fields.
  • HORON: this dance originates from the city of Trabzon, in the region of the Black Sea. This traditional dance represents the happiness of the people and symbolizes the fish caught from the sea. With electric instrument synchronization, you will attend a semi-traditional music.

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A production of Gaziantep – Turquey
MIM2013 – Photo Guy Boily

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