A work presented by Ville de L’Assomption, Québec

There was a time when the L’Assomption River was considered one of Québec’s most polluted bodies of water. Thanks to efforts deployed over recent decades, the river is once again home to a variety of aquatic species and is suitable as well for recreational water sports.

The work represents water’s importance to man, flora, fauna and the planet as a whole.

The hand at the heart of the meander represents man and the consequences his activity has on the quality of water. The drop of water on the fingertip evokes our planet.

The hand further represents a tree, and conveys how crucial it is that the city preserve its forests, which act as filters and play a vital role in ensuring the quality of water. For that matter.

The fish returning to the water and the bird flying off symbolize the return of life following the river’s decontamination.


Assomption-MIM2013-Copyright, Guy Boily Photo Guy Boily