Planting plane trees to attract the Phoenix

PRODUCED BY: City of Beijing, China

In ancient Chinese legend, the Phoenix is the king of birds. People today still consider it the bearer of happiness and a symbol of peace and harmony. This mosaiculture is inspired by a beautiful ancient Chinese legend—Planting plane trees to attract the Phoenix—to explain to people that through hard work on this planet of hope, the environment can become ever more beautiful and our happiness can grow.  Planting plane trees to attract the Phoenix interprets humans’ positive actions on their environment, highlights the symbiosis between Man and Nature, and creates a harmonious musical movement based on sustainable development. This work innovates through the use of miniature flowering begonia plants to depict the Phoenix’s multi-coloured plumage as effectively as possible.

Plane trees regenerate their bark in scales, thus symbolizing regeneration in Greek mythology. This tree, with species throughout the northern hemisphere, can live for as long as a thousand years!

Who would have thought?

The Phoenix is a part of Chinese culture but also figures in many other traditions, especially among Aboriginal peoples, who know it as the thunderbird. The legend maintains that at the end of its life, the Phoenix builds a nest which it sets on fire before settling in to be burned. A new Phoenix then rises from the ashes.

MIM2013 – Photo of Guy Boily

Beijing-MIM2013-Copyright, Guy Boily