Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 – Land of Hope, A Green-Certified Event

Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 – Land of Hope (MIM2013), a first in termsof large green-certified events, is an exhibit that draws its inspiration from global environmental issues. Environmental considerations and concerns are the very essence of the event, with sustainable development practices incorporated at all levels of the organization, including the theme and its development, the planning and operation of the site, as well as the maintenance of the horticultural creations. Not only are visitors enjoying a fascinating display, they are also taking part in a green event.

MIM2013 meets the requirements of the Quebec Standards Office’s (Bureau de normalisation du Québec/BNQ) green events standard, which covers five activity areas; namely, selecting suppliers, characteristics of materials and water and energy use, waste management, food choices (local and environmentally-friendly products), and transportation and greenhouse gas emissions.

Encouraging Local Producers

MIM2013 necessitated the purchase of three million plants, 95% of which were supplied by Quebec producers and by the Montreal Botanical Garden. Only suppliers using environmentally-friendly gardening practices were chosen.

Drip by Drip

A new type of eco-friendly soil mixture made of coconut coir was used for the plant creations. Its high absorption capacity reduces the need for water. A drip/micro-irrigation system is installed on each of the horticultural displays. In addition, a weather station measures and records rainfall data and transmits the information to a satellite system that adjusts watering. This device causes the sprinklers to automatically shut off when it rains. An electric water-tanker truck winds its way through the botanical garden, watering plants that do not have a source of water nearby.

Actions to Reduce Emissions

To encourage visitors to use public transportation, Montreal’s transit authority runs a shuttle bus linking the site to two metro stations in the vicinity. Parking spots for bicycles were added, as well as a solar-powered bus shelter for paratransit services. Greenhouse gas emission produced during the organization of the event will be offset by the planting of trees.

Rethinking the 3 Rs

With the collaboration of our green partner Éco Entreprise Québec, 80 recycling stations, created by reusing old equipment or by using recycled plastic, were added to the site. An extensive composting plan was implemented for MIM2013. One of its components involves composting food preparation waste from the restaurant La Jardinière. In addition, the millions of plants and the soil covering the structures will be composted on the site of the Botanical Garden.

MIM2013, presented by Qatar Airways, is being held until September 29th. Come discover these plant sculptures on the beautiful site of the Montreal Botanical Garden!