The International Jury Visits Montreal

After two months spent conscientiously tending our horticultural works of art, Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal welcomed the international jury on September 3rd.

The judges were on the site, at the Montreal Botanical Garden, to evaluate the horticultural sculptures according to pre-established criteria and according to the sculptures’ compatibility with the exhibition’s main theme, Land of Hope. The winners will be revealed during the closing ceremony.

Jury-Monsaiculture-Jacob-Asselin Mr. Peter Jacobs, President of the jury and Mr. Vincent Asselin, also judge.

An Exhibition and an International Competition!

Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 is not only a major exhibition, it’s also an international competition in which more than 20 countries are represented.

Although they are united by a common theme, the different teams are nonetheless invited to convey their culture and its distinctive characteristics in their creations. For example, Living City, created by the borough of Ville Marie, presents the city of Montreal by highlighting places that are typical of the city. Also, A True Story!, Shanghai’s entry in the exhibition, illustrates a human tragedy that left its mark on China.

It should be noted, however, that the creations entered by Montreal, the host city, are not included in the competition.

An Impressive Jury

The international jury is composed of well-known personalities. Among them is Mr. Peter Jacobs, President of the jury, who is a tenured professor at the Landscape Architecture School of the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Environmental Design. Some of the members of this jury are also members of the International Mosaïculture Committee: Mr. Janic Gourlet (Vice President, Europe), Mr. Ettore Zauli (member of the board of directors – Italy), Mr. Alexios Vardakis (member of the board of directors – Greece). Mr. Gilles Vincent, Director of the Montreal Botanical Garden, is also part of the jury, as is Mr. Vincent Asselin of WAA International, a firm specializing in architecture and urban design.

We thank all the members for their time and attention. The results will be revealed in a few weeks, at the closing ceremony.

Jury-Gourlet,Jacobs,Ponge,Asselin,Zauli,VardakisFrome left to right : Mr. Janic Gourlet, Mr. Peter Jacobs, Mme Dominique Ponge (Mr. Gourlet assistant), Mr. Vincent Asselin, Mr. Ettore Zauli and M. Alexios Vardakis. Missing on the picture : Mr. Gilles Vincent.